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The Essentis method is an intensive, efficient and personalised program adapted to the patient suffering from Cerebral Palsy or other neurological disorder.

During the sessions, the patient will go through different workshops in which his condition and symptpms will be evaluated by the different therapists of our team (osteopaths, acupuncturists, homeopath, psychologist...) to establish a personalised program adapted to his needs.

The therapists work together within the centre which allows a great reactivity regarding the patient's daily needs.

The approach is holistic: the patient is considered as a whole (physical mental, emotional and social elements, current symptoms and past medical history...).

We emphasize the practice of « intensive » osteopathy: numerous dysfunctions that could be easily addressed interfere with the balance, coordination, posture, freedom of movement, and are not considered. Our experience has showed that those dysfunctions should be taken into account for a better progress.

In contrast to classical rehabilitation treatment, a great consideration is hence given to the preparation of the tissues to optimise the exercises done later: work on the joints to free them from any restriction and allow a full range of movement, cranial work...

The center has perfectionned and precursory rehabilitation equipment: Spider therapy, Therasuit, Universal exercise unit... The aims of treatment:

1.Decreasing spasticity.
2.Rehabilitating the musculature, stretching or strengthening the muscles according to the needs.
3.Working on balance and motor coordination (the ataxia decreases when we use kinetics to work on the patients: when offered the « technical » posibility of being stable during active exercise, he can reinforme his cerebellum and vestibular system of the correct position of the body in space).
4.Working on self-confidence and dealing with anxiety, work on the parachute reflex.
5.Improving the posture, with particular focus on the straightening of the spine and head support (both factors essential for walking).
Frédéric GUEZ, Ostéopathe D.O. France
Membre du ROE N°82
Directeur et créateur de la méthode ®



Travessera de Gracia, 81, 1°,1a
Barcelona Spain (00 34)637 90 58 67

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